A Center of Learning and Healing through promotion of traditional Kalarippayattu and Kalarichikilsa practices


Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram is a Center for Healing, Learning and Spirituality. Established in 2003, we are located in Parasuvaikal, Parassala village, in Trivandrum District in Southern Kerala. We welcome anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in the traditional South Indian Healing Arts of Kalari Chikilsa and/or the ancient South Indian Martial Art of Kalaripayattu. These practices and Spiritual lineage have been preserved and passed down by our Guru and Founder, Shri Dharamananda Swaroopa Satguru Hanuman Das; also known as Master Balachandran Nair (31 January 1949 – 20 March 2022). We are situated in the serene, lush setting of an Ashram, providing an optimal environment in which to heal one’s body, mind, and spirit. It is the combination of the spirituality, martial arts, and the healing services, which makes our Ashram unique. It allows us to offer an authentic holistic healing experience which embodies Keralite traditions. As such, we purposely distinguish ourselves from a hotel, resort, or a clinic. We ask our guests to embrace the time-honored traditions and guidelines of our Ashram to ensure that each guest receives the intended benefits of his or her time spent here.

Each service is outlined in detail on this site, and are all supportive of one another. Therefore, whether you are looking to pursue the healing treatments, martial arts training, spiritual studies, or just simply wish to enjoy the serenity and beauty this sanctuary has to offer, we welcome everyone to come experience the authenticity and traditions of South India.

Our Ethical Commitment



Thank you to Swamiji For his help and his consultation. I cleared up many doubts and confusion that I have, in my mind. Swamiji and his staff help me with the physical treatment of very high quality, which helps me to recover my health very fast. The ashram is a beautiful place to stay. The people are friendly and everything was fantastic. For sure I will visit again in the future.

Thank you ashram and thank you Swamiji.



Dear Guruji,

When I came here I realized that I should have raised my son here under your care and guidance in the ashram. My son connected with his inner self here and for that, I will always have gratefulness in my heart for Kalariyil Dharmikam. Thank you, Guruji.




I, Tejas, Age 30, have been part of this Ashram for a long time now. One month ago, I got a shock in the form of a blood test report, which said that my fasting blood sugar was 480. I did a postprandial blood sugar test and it was around 550! Hb-AIC which indicates the status of diabetes was at 10g, which meant I have had undiagnosed and uncontrolled diabetes for some time. I immediately called Swamiji and told him about it. He advised me to come here, to the Aashram, for treatment, to which I listened.

Swamiji first asked me to go to a good hospital nearby, where he arranged for me to undergo a complete physical check-up, including sonography of my internal organs, cardiac echo, and other tests.
After examining those reports he created a treatment plan and explained it to me. He gave me Ayurvedic medicines, medicinal food, and other treatment.

In LESS THAN ONLY A WEEK my sugar level came down. After only two weeks my sugar level was consistently around 110. Now after 1 month I am leaving with a blood sugar of around 92! He did it without any allopathic medicine!!!. Swamiji, you saved my life, And this was not the first time you saved me either. I can never thank you enough



I thank Guruji for all his help provided in our bad times, his experience and transfer nature is unique. I think the whole ashram for the unexpected service provided to us.



Have a great experience visiting here, experiencing the natural atmosphere, and learning many things about KALARIPPAYATTU and its history. and had great interaction with Guru and staff members.



We had a rejuvenating experience at the Ashram, especially my Mother who was cured. The ambiance of peace and quiet was much needed from the city life, hectic and chaotic found peace and much-needed rest. Thank you, Swamiji. looking formant to coming back again.



I have a great experience when I look at my son very good, great experience. He learns about many things. Guruji was great. I think Guruji’s staff members are very nice, thanks to everyone who works with Guruji.



I am JITENDRA, age 44 yrs, I have come from Lucknow for the treatment of my shoulder pain. I am thankful to Swamiji and everyone here who helped me with the treatment and my recovery. I feel much better now and am going back tomorrow in better health than I came here.

I also visited in 2010 for treatment of my big toe which was injured due to slipping when I was running. That time I took treatment for 15 days and my big toe recovered very much within those 15 days and became completely healthy within a month after going back from here. My heartfelt thanks to Swamiji and everyone here.



Dear Reader,

How shall I even start to describe my time at the Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram. Let me try with Gratefulness, Love, Strength, Community, Compassion, Laughter and lots of food.

The ashram family is exactly that- a family that will make you feel included as one of their own. They share without a shred of a doubt, they support with all their kindness, they go above and beyond for you all just to make you happy and feel loved.

I don't want to choose which part I liked best- martial arts on the rooftop in the palm trees, treatments that make everyone look 20 years younger, breathtaking temples and spiritual energy wherever you go, a connection to god around you and in yourself by beautiful created poodjas or the mediation in caves or shrines- always connected to nature, always with gratitude to those who came before us, who taught us and who always will be with us.

But if had to choose it would be the people because even without all that without the amazing hospitality, the food, the comfort of the accomodation, I would always and will always return for its people.

I came in search for something within me but what I found was unconditional love all around me that made me believe again that we are taking care of all of us within us. So I am leaving for now with lot's of colourful memories and energizing love that will always be part of me from this day on.

To these amazing people that made me and will make you believe in the change for the better again. I love you

Alissa Böhm