I, Tejas, Age 30, have been part of this Ashram for a long time now. One month ago, I got a shock in the form of a blood test report, which said that my fasting blood sugar was 480. I did a postprandial blood sugar test and it was around 550! Hb-AIC which indicates the status of diabetes was at 10g, which meant I have had undiagnosed and uncontrolled diabetes for some time. I immediately called Swamiji and told him about it. He advised me to come here, to the Aashram, for treatment, to which I listened.

Swamiji first asked me to go to a good hospital nearby, where he arranged for me to undergo a complete physical check-up, including sonography of my internal organs, cardiac echo, and other tests.
After examining those reports he created a treatment plan and explained it to me. He gave me Ayurvedic medicines, medicinal food, and other treatment.

In LESS THAN ONLY A WEEK my sugar level came down. After only two weeks my sugar level was consistently around 110. Now after 1 month I am leaving with a blood sugar of around 92! He did it without any allopathic medicine!!!. Swamiji, you saved my life, And this was not the first time you saved me either. I can never thank you enough