Alissa Böhm

Dear Reader,

How shall I even start to describe my time at the Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram. Let me try with Gratefulness, Love, Strength, Community, Compassion, Laughter and lots of food.

The ashram family is exactly that- a family that will make you feel included as one of their own. They share without a shred of a doubt, they support with all their kindness, they go above and beyond for you all just to make you happy and feel loved.

I don't want to choose which part I liked best- martial arts on the rooftop in the palm trees, treatments that make everyone look 20 years younger, breathtaking temples and spiritual energy wherever you go, a connection to god around you and in yourself by beautiful created poodjas or the mediation in caves or shrines- always connected to nature, always with gratitude to those who came before us, who taught us and who always will be with us.

But if had to choose it would be the people because even without all that without the amazing hospitality, the food, the comfort of the accomodation, I would always and will always return for its people.

I came in search for something within me but what I found was unconditional love all around me that made me believe again that we are taking care of all of us within us. So I am leaving for now with lot's of colourful memories and energizing love that will always be part of me from this day on.

To these amazing people that made me and will make you believe in the change for the better again. I love you